About Us

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Blue Sparq, Inc. is a product development company specializing in rapid prototypes to production manufacturing. Our experience with capacitive touch user interfaces will bring a modern look and feel to your new product!

Who We Are

Blue Sparq Inc. was formed to provide convenient outsourcing of engineering services to companies in a broad range of industries.

Our engineers use Altium Designer and SolidWorks, the latest in 3D CAD software, making it very easy for you to integrate 3D models of our circuit boards and mechanical parts into your product designs. Having the latest version of the following software makes it easy for us to open any document you send us.

Being able to provide "Looks Like, Feels Like" high quality prototypes to our customers quickly and at an affordable price is very important to us. One way we are able to do this is by having production grade equipment available to our engineers for prototyping purposes. This gives our customers confidence that their production pieces will look and perform identically to their prototypes.

We have noticed that our customers need help getting over the hump between prototyping and large volume production. After the prototype is approved, it makes sense to do a pilot production run of a small quantity, like 100 pieces. Since we have added these production grade machines at our finger tips, we can easily run a small volume at a much lower price than having them made by our large volume manufacturing partner.

With Blue Sparq, you will never waste time describing your project to a salesman only to repeat yourself when an engineer finally returns your call.

When you call Blue Sparq, you can speak directly to a design engineer! Let us help you with your project.
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Our Services

  • Fully functional prototypes made custom for your project
  • We provide you our expertise in engineering and product development
  • Go-to-meetings provided during specific project discussions
  • We provide you previews of your prototype to ensure satisfaction
  • Anti-static lab gives protection to your projects from any shock damage
  • Very accurate and powerful FDM 3D printing
  • Full scale hardware testing and software processing made easy
  • Full Surface Mount Assembly Line runs small to medium-large scale production orders

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