Capacitive Touch - Projected Lighting

Nursing Control Panel

  • 27945
  • 20 September 2009

Project Description

This panel is a great example of our projected lighting technology. In this method, light is projected from the back through a diffuser to light up the various graphic icons.

This panel uses a combination of our various lighting capabilities. The first of which is the dead front technology. When no power is provided to the panel, the touch panel is completely black. No icons are visible. We really excel in providing our customer with similar panels. As you can see from the video, there are no ghosting effects as well.

In the next state, when power is applied to the system, the position indicator LEDs light up at their lowest brightness stage. When a command is received indicating the bed has reached a certain position, the corresponding LED is turned on at its maximum brightness. This is an example of our indicator lighting technology. Notice, that there are no visible hotspots.

In the next state as commands are sent from a simulator, the LED backlight corresponding to various LEDs turn on. This shows our selective lighting capabilities.

This panel also had driver electronics to detect button press and release of 11 capacitive touch buttons and communicate this information via I2C.

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