Capacitive Touch Keypads, Switches, Interfaces, Etc.

Capacitive Touch Design and Development

Do you have an existing product or a new product and want to give it capacitive touch technology for easier user-interface interaction?

No matter the application, we have a solution for you!

A capacitive touch switch works by using body capacitance, a property of the human body that gives it great electrical characteristics. When a person gets close (proximity sensor) or touches (touch sensor) the "button" or electrode, an increase in the total capacitance is seen by the IC, which then triggers an output.

Unlike mechanical membrane switches or mechanical push buttons, capacitive touch keypads have no moving parts associated with it, which will eventually wear out. These capacitive sensors are placed underneath any non-conductive overlay materials such as Acrylic, Gorilla™ Glass, ABS Plastic, etc. Having your graphic reverse printed to this overlay makes these touch keypads virtually indestructible. This construction makes it very easy to clean, which makes it a very good choice for medical and aerospace keypads.

Check out our recent projects page to get an idea of the various types of touch interfaces we have developed.

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