USB Capacitive Touch Mouse and Button Control

Capacitive Touch Mouse - Dead Front Glass and Uniform LED Lighting

Project Description

Tasked with designing a new and unique ultra sound machine, our team’s preliminary research suggested a design that included:

  • 8 backlit buttons
  • Ability to individually control the brightness of each of these buttons
  • Ability to change the backlight color between white and blue for 4 of the 8 buttons
  • 1 backlit touchpad/track pad

Because of the complex nature of the backlighting, we were contacted for the concept design and manufacturing.

We developed a solution that had a PCB type capacitive touch interface. This interface had 8 buttons and a touch pad or track pad. Selective lighting of the the track pad and the buttons was achieved using our FORELIGHT technology.

The touch panel enumerated itself as a USB Composite device consisting of 3 interfaces. They were

  • HID Keyboard
  • HID Mouse
  • Communication Device Class (CDC)

When the touch panel’s HID USB mouse reports are enabled, the touch pad will act like a regular mouse pads found in laptops. The select button beneath the touch pad acts like the left mouse button. Pressing it once will be equivalent to a single click. Pressing it twice will be considered a double click by windows.

When the touch panel’s HID USB keyboard reports are enabled, the buttons on the keyboard emulate keys present in a regular keyboard.

Through the CDC interface we can send commands to control backlighting related features of the system such as brightness, color etc.

The touch pad we provided also reported the following via CDC:

  • Can be used in the ‘mouse mode’ where it can provide changes in x and y axis or the ‘tablet mode’ where it provides the absolute x and y positions.
  • Ability to detect 6 gestures:
  • Single click or Single Tap
  • Double click or Double Tap
  • Swipe right
  • Swipe Left
  • Swipe up
  • Swipe down

Videos showing the various features are shown on this page.

Depending on customer’s needs we will be able to provide other popular features in our touchpads such as

  • Return Z coordinates that indicate how hard the user is pressing.
  • A flag if a finger is touching the pad or if the finger was removed
  • Multi touch support that can report upto 5 points.
  • Communicate information via UART, SPI, I2C or PS/2 when used in low power embedded applications

This touch pad would make a great interface, for

  • Lighting control applications
  • Music devices
  • TV remote controls
  • Medical devices such as X-ray machine or ultra sounds to draw shapes.
  • Kiosks
  • CNC Controllers
  • PC peripherals
  • Tablet accessories
  • Game controllers

We have also developed a USB subsurface Capacitive Touch QWERTY Keyboard. This touch keyboard can easily be combined with our capacitive touch mouse touch pad giving you full control over a computer or kiosk. Click here to see our custom USB Capacitive Touch QWERTY Keyboard in action!

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