Uniform LED Lighting Solutions

Powered by our ForeLight™ Technology

Our capacitive touch system can sense through non-conductive materials. This allows us to place the lighting layer closest to the graphic overlay making it the brightest. This technology developed by RapidKeypads.com, a division of Blue Sparq Inc., is known as ForeLight™.

In addition to our uniform, diffuse lighting of the full keypad, we can selectively light specific keys as well as add indicator lights to show status. This is a great way to express your products emotions for example, Imagine your product has RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs that flash in patterns indicating certain states. We can flash a particular color in a heartbeat to indicate the device is charging or if the capacitive touch interface remained inactive or there were no key presses detected for a certain period of time, the backlighting begins dimming and finally turns off. We refer to this as the "soft off" or "sleep" effect. You have so many possibilities with our expertise so don't let your creativity limit your imagination!

Take a look at the deadfronted glass kiosk keypad, deadfronted medical glass keypad, RGB LED backlit keypad and backlit IP phone interface in our recent projects page.

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