Sub-GHz, ISM, SRD, RF-ID, IR, Wifi (IEEE 802.11™), Bluetooth LE, CDMA, GSM

Wireless Connectivity

Do you need a wireless solution to connect to another machine? We Have the Solution For You!

Wireless communication technologies have been commonplace in homes and industry for many years. Recent trends in applications supporting cloud computing,the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Grid initiatives have created a renewed demand for standardized, low-power wireless technology in metering, consumer, home, business and industrial automation markets. We at Blue Sparq have a lot of experience with Sub-GHz, RF-ID, IR, Wifi (IEEE 802.11™), Bluetooth LE and other popular wireless protocols.

Check out the WiFi, GSM or CDMA telemetry device, Bluetooth mobile payment device, wireless toy control unit, RFID kiosk keypad and custom dental IR transmitter and receiver in our Recent Projects page.

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