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Project Description

Design a durable touch screen computer to be used in Commercial Kitchen and Vending Equipment.

Our Solution

BlueSparq designed a 7” display computer or HMI to be used in Commercial Kitchen and Vending Equipment. Since we designed this device, we also control the supply chain. This allows for flexibility in order sizes to meet the customers needs.

Hardware Design

At the core of this device is a Raspberry Pi CM3+ Compute Module. Using Altium designer, we created a carrier board for the CM3+. The carrier board allows for the device to be run on a 12v or 24v power supply. The carrier board has ethernet or wifi connectivity as well as a cellular socket. With the addition of our cellular socket one of our cerftified existing cellular modems can be used to give the device cellular connectivity. The screen of the device is a 7” LVDS touch screen display that is 3mm thick and available with or without a black border.


Once the circuit board design is done, we then export the circuit board from Altium to SolidWorks via a STP file. Inside of Solidworks we designed a single piece bezel to hold the LCD screen and mount the display computer. We then 3D printed a prototype of the bezel to ensure proper fitment of all the hardware. Once the prototype was approved, we then had an injection mold created to mass produce the part


A custom embedded YOCTO linux image is the operating system for this display computer. To maintain the YOCTO image we use Mender. A QT graphical user interface and state machine boots directly on powerup. The backend connectivity of these devices are hosted through a cloud supplier such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud depending on the needs of the customer. BlueSparq specializes in AWS.

Project Details