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Project Description

Create a plug and play socket modem that is already certified so that it can be used in new projects without going through the expensive and time consuming process of certification.

Our Solution

BlueSparq designed several CAT1 and CATM1 modems to use a modular socket design, to allow the modems to be changed if needed. Once the design phase was over, we manufactured and applied for the Verizon certification process. Once the modem becomes certified it then becomes a certified end device. We can plug the certified end device into any of our display computers or any new product that we make. Our end devices can be found on the Verizon Open Development Website. Additionally our modems have the versatility of USB connectivity as well as Serial connectivity. They can be connected to a linux computer or directly to a microcontroller. When the device is used or purchased from us we provide the modem, sim-card, antennas, and an activation portal. The activation portal doubles as a sim card activation resource and an automatic billing platform. The activation portal can be white labeled to meet your company's branding.

Making and certifying Plug and Play versions of our modems has given our customers a huge advantage in time to market and reduced development costs. Without certification, Verizon will not allow your device to work on their network.

Project Details