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Project Description

In a warehouse environment every second counts when it comes to productivity. Tasks as simple as finding certain keys on a keyboard add up over time. As a result, companies are always finding ways to improve productivity. A large retail chain contracted us to create a custom keypad for their fulfillment centers. The requirements; have a custom keypad with 16 keys that will integrate to a work bench without taking as much space as a traditional computer keyboard. The keypad will communicate via USB to ThinClients running Linux, or windows workstations. The goal is to save at least half a second per user interaction.

Using our PCB method we designed a custom 16 button capacitive touch USB keypad. Working with our customer we determine the size, form factor, graphics and mounting of the new hardware. Our hardware design engineers provide 3D renderings as the product is being developed to ensure dimensions / layout will not interfere with anything.

For mounting the keypad, we chose 3M Adhesive which is commonly used in the following applications: automotive, appliance, aerospace, general industrial, electronics and transportation.

We have developed custom capacitive touch user interface designs for over 11 years. Our capacitive touch keypads are used in critical areas where they must work correctly, where phantom button presses are not tolerated.

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