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Project Description

It all starts with the system requirements. From the first interaction our engineers work with you to review / suggest improvements based on our experience. Here we hash out things like design intent, required materials, system functionality, power requirements, connectors to be used and product dimensions.

Design Intent

A dead front glossy black glass with silkscreened icons. When the capacitive touch button icons are not illuminated, they should disappear; the glass should look black.

Materials To Be used


In this stage we provide you with a choice of either plastic or glass. The next step is the thickness required for the overlay material. We have made overlays between 0.030” to 0.5” in thickness without any loss of button sensitivity.


We offer two types of lighting, selective lighting where we can illuminate individual icons separately. The second type of lighting is where we illuminate a group of icons together.


The capacitive touch keypad can be mounted to your product using the following methods:

Adhesive- we use laser or die-cut 3M adhesive

PEM Studs- Male threaded studs are pressed into the PCB layer

PEM Inserts- Female threaded inserts are soldered to the PCB layer

3d Printed and Injection Molded Mounting Bezel- We create a custom bezel that can be attached to your product

Power Requirements

Operating voltage

We design the electronics to adapt to the product’s available power supply voltage

Maximum allowed Current draw

We design the electronics to satisfy the customer’s allowed current budget.

System functionality


The customer can dictate which form of communication they prefer between the keypad and the product’s main controller. We have used several of the popular forms of communication and have sample protocol documents that can be used as a starting point for integration into your existing product.

Must-be-used components

If you have preferred components that you like to use, we can incorporate them into the design. A typical request is connector type or LED’s.

Project Details