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Project Description

Medical device vendors were inadvertently endangering patient safety by wearing contaminated scrubs into the operating room.

Our Solution

The Repscrubs ScrubPort was developed to provide clean disposable scrubs by an on site scrub vending machine. Once a medical device company is registered in the Repscrubs system, the vendor enters their member id and pin number. This provides 24/7 access to a clean set of scrubs from any hospital in the country using the Repscrubs platform. Every set of disposable scrubs comes with a printed security badge identifying the vendor, the company, and the hospital the scrubs were vended at. Eight hours later, the badge turns red indicating the scrubs are invalid for future use.


BlueSparq took a Wittern vending machine and turned it into an IoT device. At the heart of this vending machine is BlueSparq’s 7” display computer. The device contains a 7” LVDS touchscreen display and a Raspberry Pi CM3+ Compute Module. A carrier board, designed in Altium, provides ethernet connectivity and a cellular socket. The ethernet is fully configurable using either DHCP or setting up a manual static IP gateway. Using ethernet connectivity, we are able to perform diagnostic tests to allow for easy setup of the machine. Using one of our certified existing cellular modems, gives the vending machine cellular connectivity. BlueSparq designed a custom VMC, vending machine control, to interface with the existing vending machine sensors. BlueSparq also installed a printer that pulls user info, location data, and current time to print on personalized badges.


When a vendor interacts with a ScrubPort machine, they are interacting with a QT user interface. The first thing a vendor is prompted to do is enter their company's member ID number. The member ID goes to the cloud and is cross referenced with a list of valid member IDs via Azure. If the member ID is valid then the vendor is prompted to enter their pin code, then they are able to pick a coil to vend from. All of this information gets reported to a backend dashboard that Repscrubs is able to see. The backend dashboard contains everything that is needed to monitor the vending machine remotely. It reports the number of sales each machine has per day and can alert you to errors that the machine is having. An example of this is when the label printer runs low, a Repscrubs employee receives an email alerting them with a warning that the label printer is running low. The dashboard predicts how long the machine can properly keep running before it completely runs out of labels, giving the Repscrubs employees flexibility on how they want to maintain their machine, saving time. The employees can also change how they want to receive email and warning notifications. In the dashboard they can select as many errors and warnings as they want to receive notifications for. Firmware, hardware, and UI updates can be performed remotely from the dashboard saving trips to each machine.

BlueSparq has the ability to make custom vending machines to fit your needs. Please contact us today to learn more.

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