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Project Description

A commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer needed a glass capacitive touch lighted keypad to control the dispensing of ice in their drink dispensing machine.

Our Solution

Bluesparq developed a glass capacitive touch lighted keypad using 3mm thick glass to communicate with the main drink dispense control board. This board allows the user to choose what type of ice they would like dispensed into their drinks.

This solution makes use of right angle side firing LEDs to produce a uniform finish across the keypad. The LEDs shine their light into laser etched light guiding material. The light guiding material diffuses the light across the keypad resulting in uniform lighting. The keypad also uses translucent white ink so when the light is off you can still see the icons. When the light it on, you clearly know which mode it is in.

We chose to use 3mm thick glass for this product because the end product resulted in a cleaner and brighter finish when compared to plastic. The 3mm thick glass also increased the durability of the keypad to allow it to withstand the wear and tear of a commercial setting

Project Details