Multi media Touch Interface with a 3D surface as overlay

Capacitive Touch with a 3D graphic overlay

Project Description

There are two types of capacitive touch keypads shown here that demonstrate a slider and wheel using a 3D molded graphic overlay.

The first is a rubber molded overlay that has a 3D surface. This overlay has a negative emboss or recessed surface which makes a groove for the finger to easily follow the slider and wheel. There are positive bumps inside the slider groove to give the user a feel for each gradation. This makes it very easy to use even when you are not looking at it. The groove in the wheel helps keep your finger right on track! Also notice the speed of the capacitive touch system, you never miss a button press! We are also uniformly back lighting the logo and the icons of the 3 buttons. This is a very good example of what, a division of Blue Sparq can make for you!

The second example is a Polyform plastic molded overlay that also has a 3D surface. This overlay gives your produce a very modern, elegant look and feel. In this example we have positively embossed features. You can see the raised track for wheel and slider. Also, the slider has raised bumps to give the user a feel for each gradation. There is a combination of glossy and matte surface finish which adds even more beauty to this interface.

The third is another example of a 3D Polyform plastic overlay. It is very thin and a perfect overlay for our capacitive touch pcb technology. The assembly process is very easy, we simply peel and stick this overlay directly on to our finished, tested PCB. A fixture is used to give us perfect registration of the overlay to the PCB.

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