Capacitive Touch Interface for Oven with LED Back Lighting and RS485 communication

Microwave Oven Touch Panel For Gulf Stream G650

Project Description

Enflite, a division of sikorsky aerospace contacted us to prototype a capacitive touch interface for a microwave oven for a Gulf Stream Private Jet. The customer required the buttons to be uniformly backlit over a thin profile. The touch panel was also required to have a unique button press and release code for each button that would be communicated to the host controller via SPI. The customer needed a supplier who could also source the touch screen LCD and adhesively mount it to the overlay of this touch panel.

We designed and developed a PCB type touch keypad whose buttons were backlit using our FORELIGHT technology.

This project also helped show case our firmware engineering skills to the client. Later on when the client wished to redesign the system and wanted the old firmware ported, we were an automatic choice to supplement their efforts.

The original design had a single board that was responsible for power and overall control. This design had a difficult time passing the DO-160E catB tests. In the re-design this was separated to 2 PCBs one responsible for power that will be controlled by a dspic33F and another responsible for power that will be controlled by a PIC32. We were able to identify several circuitry and firmware errors. These were rectified and the redesign passed catB.

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