Axsys - Uniform Green LED Projected Lighting Panel


Project Description

Axsys Technologies is a leading provider of electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) imaging systems and gyro-stabilized cameras that are used in a wide range of surveillance applications in the defense, homeland security and commercial perimeter-surveillance and aerial law enforcement markets. Their cameras are found in land, marine, and airborne surveillance systems. Their infrared lenses, laser positioners, long-range telescopes, and sensor positioning systems are primarily designed for military weapons and vehicles.

Axsys Technologies approached Blue Sparq, Inc. to improve their existing control panel. They wanted all of the text / icons to illuminate with a special green light so that they could be visible to their special night vision systems.

They had 3 very special requirements:
-The illuminated graphic overlay must have an extremely thin profile.
-The led illumination must be uniform and diffuse.
-The light must be of a specific wave length.

When building this lighted panel for Axsys, Blue Sparq had to overcome several obstacles. The most important of which was heat and current draw.

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