May 2015

April 2015

Touch Game Pad

The above picture shows a custom gamepad developed by Rapid Keypads. Of the 10 keys found in the touch interface, 6 were mapped to the Start, Select, X, O, triangle and square keys found in modern day game pads. The remaining four were used to represent the change in the X, Y direction.

February 2015

Life Float's Demo Keypad is awesome!

Check out this video displaying Life Float's demo keypad. The icons are bright and beautiful as well as uniform, adding a unique appeal to the keypad.

January 2015

StarLeaf's Touch 2035 is released!

Thanks to Blue Sparq, StarLeaf's new product "The StarLeaf Touch 2035" is finally here! This product features a dead-fronted glass overlay with capacitive touch technology and uniform selective LED lighting. This glass overlay touch panel surrounds a touch LCD screen.

December 2014

Magtek needs a prototype Capacitive Touch secure pin pad!

Magtek partners with Blue Sparq - Rapid Keypads to design and manufacture a capacitive touch secure pin pad for their new prototype ipad payment device! We have less than 2 weeks to fully integrate this touch keypad into their product! I am happy to report that we are on schedule!

November 2014

N5 Sensors needs a new hardware development platform

N5 Sensors partners with Blue Sparq to develop a new hardware package that will read data from N5's new sensor IC and display it on a PC connected via USB or on a smart phone or tablet connected via Bluetooth.

Life Float uses Rapid Keypads prototype touch interface design services

Life Float hires Rapid Keypads to make a 6 button selectively lit capacitive touch keypad that connects to their main controller via UART Simple Serial. The glass overlay is reverse printed with their custom graphics. All of the button's lighted icons can be individually controlled and some buttons have multi-colored LEDs.

September 2014

Vagabond's Vending Machine Telemetry Device goes into production!

Vagabond approves Blue Sparq's GSM, CDMA, and Wifi Telemetry Device Prototype called Insight. Blue Sparq has been given the contract to manufacture the first 1000 pieces! The Insight communicates with the vending machine via MDB or DEX and communicates transaction data via CDMA, GSM or Wifi.

July 2012

Using Rapid Prototyping to Give an ALS Sufferer His Voice Back

Engineers at, a division of Blue Sparq Inc. recently used their rapid prototyping capability to give a man suffering with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) his voice back. In this case, the ALS had caused paralysis throughout the person’s body except for a very limited use of the index finger on his right hand