• Ice Dispense Glass Keypad
  • USB Capacitive Touch Keyboard
  • Uniform LED Lighting
  • Water Proof Capacitive Touch Keypad
  • Custom Capacitive Touch Keypad
  • Translucent White Icons Graphic Overlay
  • Polyform Overlay Keypad

Capacitive Touch Design and Development

Unlike mechanical keypads (membrane switches or mechanical push buttons) which will eventually wear out and fail after a determined number of press cycles, a capacitive touch keypad has no moving parts. As a result, the life expectancy of capacitive touch technology is much greater than the mechanical predecessors.

Capacitive touch technology works by detecting a change in capacitance on a given surface. In our designs, capacitance is constantly monitored by a microcontroller and is given a “base value.” When the microcontroller detects any change in base capacitance it triggers an output.

The touch surface or graphic overlay can be made with any nonconductive material. Normally we reverse print the graphic design to either plastic or glass. Material thickness can be changed to fit your need.

Outputs can be customized depending on the application. Button presses can be configured as momentary or latching.

We can incorporate any communication method into our designs. If the customer does not have a communication protocol, we can provide our sample protocols which can be modified.

The buttons of our USB capacitive touch keypads can be mapped to any key on a computer keyboard, mouse or joystick. Since our USB keypads use the HID interface, Windows and Linux will not require any special software drivers.

Our special algorithms allow us detect false presses due to ambient change, rain, water or moisture and reject them. We can add features like gesture recognition, proximity sensing, haptics & audio feedback as well as uniform RGB LED Lighting.

Our special interface technology makes it easy to replace membrane and mechanical keypads without modifying the existing machine.

We have been developing our capacitive touch technology for over 12 years and customers like Coca-Cola, Pepsi and McDonalds depend on our capacitive touch keypads for their drink dispensing equipment. We can create the perfect custom solution for your project.