Custom Multimedia USB Kiosk Keypad

Capacitive Touch - Custom USB Kiosk Interface

Project Description

DreamWorks SKG contacted us to build a capacitive touch panel that has media controls for their multi-media kiosks. They wanted the play/pause, volume up, volume down mute multi-media keys found in a computer keyboard and two invisible keys mapped to F11 and F12.

The challenge here is that the multimedia buttons in a regular keyboard are not part of the regular Human interface device class of the USB protocol. They are part of the standard consumer control interface device class of the USB protocol. This class of devices can be used to

  • Open directories
  • Launch applications such as itunes, Windows media player, Calculator, Browser, e-mail program etc.
  • Play, Pause, Stop, Forward or Rewind sound or video files within the default media player
  • Control the volume(up, down and mute)

This means the solution will be a USB composite device containing 2 interfaces the HID interface and the consumer control interface.

Combining our knowledge of the USB protocol and the film method of capacitive touch technology, we were able to deliver the product requested by our client in just one week! This high speed delivery required an additional expedite fee. Our normal lead times are 4-6 weeks.

The pictures to the left show the custom Fast Touch USB keypad made for this client. The other picture shows the digitally printed graphic overlay. This was adhesively mounted onto a .125” thick sheet of acrylic.

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