Explosion Proof - Capacitive Touch Switch

Explosion Proof Switch Keypad Interface

Project Description

A household light switch may emit a small, harmless visible spark when switching. In an ordinary atmosphere this arc is of no concern, but if a flammable vapor is present, the arc might start an explosion. Electrical equipment intended for use in a chemical factory or refinery is designed either to contain any explosion within the device, or is designed not to produce sparks with sufficient energy to trigger an explosion.

Blue Sparq was asked to use our special projected capacitive switch technology in a hazardous environment. The requirement was to sense through a 0.5” thick piece of glass. This thick glass is used inside of a special explosion proof enclosure as both a user interface as well as a window to view the LCD display.

The user now can touch the outside of this thick glass window to control the explosion proof device. RapidKeypads used its rapid prototype capability to make a capacitive touch keypad that can sense through any non conductive material. In this case, the capacitive touch system is sensing through 0.5" thick glass. This is perfect for an explosion proof control panel.

Blue Sparq quickly demonstrated this explosion proof keypad by rapid prototyping a 4 button capacitive touch keypad film with electronics and attached it to the reverse side of a 0.5” thick piece of glass. This glass was then installed into a special Nema 7 explosion proof enclosure.

Blue Sparq can provide a custom printed glass graphic overlay and capacitive touch system for any application!

In this demonstration video to your left, you can see our multi touch system in action.

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