Capacitive Touch Kiosk Keypad - USB, Dead Fronted Glass, and Selectively Back Lit

Project Description

The Evive Station provides a means to clean your water bottle and fill it with cleaner water. Evive has a patented cleaning process which meets rigorous NSF specifications. Each time you fill, you can clean and sanitize your Evive bottle with 22 high-pressure jets that blast away bacteria for a refreshingly healthy drinking experience. Check out their website: Evive Station

Daedulus Inc., was contracted by Evive Station to design their new drink dispensing kiosk.

Daedulus did a beautiful job creating the kiosk but needed help with the touch sensitive user interface or UI. The user interface not only needed to be strong and scratch resistant but have a very bright and beautiful back lighting. Deadulus contacted Rapid Keypads, a division of Blue Sparq, Inc. to create the touch control panel.

Daedalus had the following requirements for the UI:

  • UI needs to be strong and scratch resistant
  • Must have a bright and uniform backlighting
  • Panel must be dead fronted. This means when the backlighting of a button is turned off the icon becomes completely invisible or black.
  • Individual control of the backlight corresponding to each lighted icon or button is needed
  • Panel will have a RF-ID reader
  • Panel will communicate via USB to an intel atom computer running Windows

We listened to the customer’s requirements and came up with a solution. The solution consisted of a custom 1/8th inch thick glass, our film type touch sensor and driver electronics.

Glass was chosen for the touch panel overlay material as it is the strongest and most scratch resistant. The driver electronics will allow the touch panel to communicate button press and release information via USB using the CDC interface. Through this interface the client will also have individual control of the back lighting of the various graphic icons.

The USB CDC interface allows our device to enumerate itself as a USB COM Port. This means that a windows application can communicate with our device as if it were connected to a serial port of the PC.

The panel will also contain an RFID reader. This RFID reader operates in the 13.65MHz frequency range and is used to detect the water bottle. Once the bottle is identified, it uses an application program in the client’s host computer to match it to a user profile.

Please see the pictures and videos on this page to see our custom USB glass touch panel in action!

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