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Project Description

The goal for this product was to facilitate a self-serve, pay-per-ounce solution that allows end users to freely dispense as little or as much product as they desire

Our Solution

Blue Sparq starts by analyzing the customers’ requirements. We research to find the best solution and develop a plan for the new hardware, software, back end and dashboard architecture.

Control System

Hardware Design

Based on the system requirements we create a list of Inputs, Outputs, communication methods and protocols that will be used to design the hardware. The next step is to function test each circuit. After the architecture has been verified, Our electrical engineers design a PCB board using the latest Altium designer. During this stage we work closely with our customer and provide cad files to ensure that our circuit board will properly fit their design.

The Vending Machine Controller (VMC) circuit board for this product was designed to handle multiple inputs and outputs. These inputs and outputs are controlled with a micro controller. Flowmeters are used to measure the amount of product dispensed, pressure sensors ensure a steady flow of product, temperature sensors monitor ambient and product temperatures and solenoid valves control the flow of the product. A cashless payment system capable of credit, debit, NFC (apple pay & google wallet) was integrated to give end-users multiple methods of paying for the product.

For IoT, We implemented a complete communications solution. Adding the latest Blutetooth, WiFi, Ethernet and cellular electronics to the VMC allows for multiple methods of bringing the machine online.

Firmware Design


Using the latest QT Framework our engineers design a beautiful and interactive graphical user interface (GUI.)

Project Image

For end users, the GUI displays the products available in the system, assists them in dispensing the product and displays the amount of product being dispensed.

For service technicians, the GUI is used to perform calibration of the flowmeters, log machine status (temperature, pressure, flow, sales information, etc) and communicate such information to a cloud server. In the “machine service” menu technicians can also view product information, view shelf life of the product, reload product and perform cleaning operations.

Back End


Project Image

Server Programming


With our production grade SMT equipment, we manufacture the first prototypes, alpha & beta runs, and finally production. Having this high end equipment in house benefits our customer in various ways.

  • From the first prototype pieces to production our customers are getting the same high quality reliable pcbs.
  • The pcb’s are being manufactured in the same facility as the engineers who designed / wrote the firmware.
  • Custom test fixtures / test procedures are created for each design. We functionally test 100% of our product.
  • We understand that every industry is different, With Blue Sparq our customers can order quantities depending on their needs.

Project Details

  • Industry: Commercial
  • Technologies: QT ALTIUM IOT
  • Date: June 2021