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QT Design and Development Services

Building off the latest QT frameworks, we design beautiful and intuitive Graphical User Interfaces that keep the end user engaged. Our GUI designs are also used to display products available in the system to the end user and support service technicians in performing routine maintenance.

Frontend Software Development

We use JavaScript and NodeJS along with Angular to design interactive admin dashboards which allow for easy monitoring of all aspects of your IoT device. The information that we display on the dashboards is supported by the development of backend API’s.

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Backend Software Development

We work with a multitude of languages such as Java, Python, and NodeJS along with services such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to develop the server-side logic needed to facilitate the connection between our IoT devices and the cloud. Backend development provides the data and the connection, through API’s, that support client-side interfaces. Backend software does all the heavy lifting for the frontend, without the server-side development none of the frontend interfaces would be possible.

Embedded Firmware Development

When we design our PCB’s for our clients, we also design the low-level embedded firmware to control our board’s microcontroller. The embedded firmware is stored in flash memory and is the base layer of software which allows additional software to be run on the device. Once the embedded firmware is complete, we then design the embedded software for the application. The embedded software can run the entire system without the need for an operating system. It contains the end product and will be the only software run on the device.

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YOCTO Project

We create custom linux based systems for our embedded product, using the YOCTO Project. The images of the linux distribution that we create contain only the application specific components required by the device. Once the linux image is constructed, we install either a scripting language or QT image. This allows our device, when powered on, to load straight into the designed software.

Mobile Application Development

Using languages such as Swift and Java, we develop applications that help to further aid devices via a bluetooth or network connection. The apps that are developed can be used either for the end user or to aid service technicians in the field.

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Payment Systems

We offer three different categories of payment solutions: QR Code Payment, Credit Card Telemetery Devices, and Credit Card IoT Linux Devices.

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Different Industries

Payment Apps

Software development, advanced graphical user interface, embeded hardware, and responsive design.

Food and Beverage

Systems with a modern interface capable of controlling heaters, sonic generators, pumps, motors, etc. and error monitoring

Medical Devices

Connect with USB, ETHERNET, UART, RS232, RS485, Modbus, I2C, SPI, CAN, DEX, MDB and other popular wired protocols

Interactive Machines

Connect with ISM, LPD, UHF, RF-ID, IR, Wifi, Bluetooth LE and other popular wireless protocols


Custom M2M / IOT hardware capable of remote firmware update and monitoring


Custom PCB and Flex Film type capacitive touch interfaces