Capacitive Touch Dental Headlight Button

Ultralight Optics - Capacitive Touch Switch Headlight Button

Project Description

Ron Nguyen DDS, the inventor of the lightest and smallest LED Loupe Light contacted Blue Sparq, Inc. to develop a “must have” upgrade feature for his product.

It all started with a phrase uttered by many dentists, “Why can’t they make this better?”
While many overlook the need, Ron took it to heart. He had an idea to control his light by using capacitive touch technology. This is where Blue Sparq’s experience in capacitive touch technology came into play.

The problem:

How do you easily turn the light on and off without contamination? This is a medical product used by a dentist wearing gloves. During a procedure it is very important that the dentist doesn’t actually touch any switch or button with his contaminated gloves. With this said, how do you turn the light on and off without really touching it especially when the control / power pack is normally attached to a dentist’s belt?

The solution:

Blue Sparq added a capacitive touch sensor with control electronics inside of the main power pack.

Now a dentist can easily touch this button with his elbow to activate or deactivate the light. Blue Sparq was able to take Ron’s existing product and with minor modifications add this special capacitive touch switch separating his product from the rest of the competition.

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