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Project Description

Our customer wanted a multifunctional digital control panel which offers operators a unique, fully-integrated method for controlling and viewing all system functions like

  • 2 channel optical encoder
  • 3 LEDs to indicate status
  • 6 membrane switch buttons
  • CC1101 transceiver
  • Slot for 2 AA batteries

They also wanted to use state-of-the-art capacitive touch technology that is completely water-proof, easy to operate and backward compatible with all future console systems.

The system requirements also called for an “on board” diagnostic system which will use software and various sensing circuits to monitor functions like transducer status and generator status. This diagnostic system would validate operations and display an error signal if a problem should occur.

We proposed a film based capacitive touch interface design complete with graphic overlay, conductive film and PCB with the touch electronics for the digital control panel. Upon hearing that we would be designing a PCB and electronics for the touch interface and our capabilities designing control systems, they gave us a chance to design the whole machine control system electronics for them.

Our system design engineers gathered all the requirements and created a story board on how the system would operate. A modified version of this document is currently being used as the equipment user guide / manual by the customer.

We then translated these high-level requirements to develop hardware and software architecture for the digital control panel. The resultant design not only aligned with the customer requirements, but also had provisions for a USB connector which can be connected to a PC for component testing during production and chances for future expansion via an Ethernet connection.

Our meticulous implementation and comprehensive component, functional and integration test procedure to ensure alignment with client requirements resulted in a complete control system which can be integrated into our customers different ultrasonic cleaning models.

Project Details