Subsurface Qwerty Capacitive Touch Input Device

Custom Capacitive Touch - USB QWERTY Keyboard

Project Description, a division of Blue Sparq can design, develop and manufacture custom USB keypads with driver electronics. These custom keypads may use the standard USB HID protocol. This not only means we can emulate any button of your computer keyboard, joystick or mouse, but also means no software drivers are required.

These touch panels can have graphic overlays using plastics, glass or any non-conductive material. We can add our uniform-diffuse LED back lighting, audio feedback or custom mechanical enclosures.

A great example of this capability of ours is the USB Capacitive Touch QWERTY keyboard shown here. This is a PCB type keypad and has an acrylic overlay and a uniform-diffuse LED back-lighting.

Notice, there are no moving parts. This means no dirt, dust or grease is going to go between the plastic caps and the buttons. This ensures the keyboards work well for a long period of time. Because the keypad uses subsurface sensing, it is very easily cleaned and disinfected. This makes it ideally suitable for medical devices, industrial applications, CNC controllers, PLC machines etc.

We have also developed a USB subsurface mouse touch pad. This mouse can easily be combined with our capacitive touch keyboard giving you full control over a computer or kiosk. Click here to see our USB Capacitive Touch Mouse in action!

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