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Project Description

Client wanted a capacitive touch keypad with uniform lighting and haptic feedback. When touched it would light up and give a haptic feedback response.

Our Solution

We designed a dead front capacitive touch keypad that has an on board IC that controls on board ERM haptics to generate the feedback required. When the keypad is touched, it lights up to display the button that is touched and gives a haptic feedback response to the user.


When mounting a haptic feedback device on a fixed surface it is difficult to isolate the device away from the surface it is mounted to. This product required us to rely heavily on the customer’s mechanical team for proper integration of the device. On board haptics are easy to integrate for handheld applications, since the haptic feedback does not get dampened by the object that it is mounted to. A simpler solution when possible is light based feedback. When haptic feedback works on your application great, otherwise it is probably not worth the additional money to integrate.

BlueSparq's ERM and LRA Haptic Feedback Information

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